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What we do at SKSF takes funding. Many of our programs support individuals and families that don’t have funds to spare. To live up to our mission, we offer those families a sliding scale-payment for services based on income. In some of our programs we have more than 60% of our clients paying based on income. This means that we have a deficit.  SKSF uses many tools to raise funds, cover expenses and solicit monetary as well as material donations to help us close this gap.  You can make a difference and we value your support – big or small!

There are several easy ways to make a difference for SKSF.  Consider making a financial donation ONLINE. By using any major credit card, you can donate in any amount using your choice of online trusted payment services.

Donate Now

By donating through, you can designate your donation to a particular program, make a one time or recurring donation, dedicate your donation to anyone, remain anonymous, choose to cover all credit card fees PLUS receive a Child Care Tax Credit (if donating to Zach’s Place).

There are many ways to make a difference! Learn more about how to get involved and help kids and adults with special needs.

Mail a Check

If you’d like to write a check (payable to Special Kids Special Families) mail to: SKSF, 1915 Aerotech Drive, Suite 100, Colorado Springs, CO 80916.

Employer Matching

Do you participate in an Employee Matching or Workplace Giving program at your place of business – like United Way, Your Cause or Network for Good? You can place a recurring donation or donate ONE time to SKSF. Contact your Employee Relations or Human Resources department for details.

Fundraise for SKSF with Facebook

With nearly 3 billion active monthly users, Facebook (also known as “Meta”) is a great place to raise money and make an impact for causes like Special Kids Special Families. Creating a Facebook fundraiser is an easy way to raise money for SKSF – it’s simple and you can easily share your fundraiser with your network of followers, who can then donate and share with their network and so on.

How to start a fundraiser on Facebook

Starting a Facebook fundraiser has never been easier. You can start a fundraiser at any time and for any reason. For example, you might consider starting a birthday fundraiser or a campaign to honor someone special. All campaigns help continue our mission: to promote, strengthen and support individuals with disabilities, their families and caregivers.

Sign up for the SKSF E-Newsletter

Sign up for the SKSF E-Newsletter

Make a Difference Today

Make a Difference Today