Giving Hearts, Giving Gifts

By Published On: January 19, 2021

January 1, 2021: Due to the pandemic, Special Kids Special Families (SKSF) had to change the way they celebrated the holidays. Normally, the organization would have a big party, with lots of food, invite Santa and pass out gifts to all adult clients, kids attending their programs and siblings. However, this year was a bit different but nonetheless very special.

The SKSF Adult Program wanted to provide a Christmas for the clients that they would never forget! COVID hit the SKSF programs especially hard with the majority of adult clients not returning to program since March. The staff at Adult Services reached out to their families, friends and community through phone calls, emails and social media to ask for donations. Raising over $3,000 in just a few days, the plan to purchase gifts and distribute to the clients was a reality! The weekend before Christmas, SKSF staff volunteered to go to client homes and drop off presents, dressed as Santa’s Elves and favorite fantasy characters, singing carols, and showing them that they have not been forgotten! “My heart is so full seeing how much our community has supported us and to know that we can show our clients just how important they are. It sure put smiles on so many faces,” said Madeline Dulle, Joey’s Place Coordinator.

“It was a heartwarming and a wonderful experience to see my daughter sooo excited when you came to our house to give your Christmas gift to her! Her expression and excitement I will remember always,” said Vanda Shelton, Guardian. SKSF Adult Mentor, Tom brought his wife and granddaughter to shop for gifts and then dropped them off at client’s homes. “ We truly felt the Spirit of Christmas while shopping, wrapping, and especially delivering the gifts. The client’s joy was heart-warming and we walked away with full hearts. It was a fun and great Christmas time activity.”

Visiting each home was challenging during a difficult time, but overall the SKSF staff stepped up to the challenge and brought so much joy with them!  Special Kids Special Families thanks everyone who was involved in making this such a SPECIAL holiday season!

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