Foster Care

PHOTO_Stock_FosterCare_HomeFoster Care |The SKSF Child Placement Agency is one of the leading foster care agencies in the region with unique skills and experience supporting the care and placement of foster children with special needs, including mental, emotional and physical disabilities.

While the SKSF Child Placement Agency places children of all ethnicities, ages and situations, it is uniquely positioned as the “go-to” agency supporting foster children with disabilities due to its integration and access to the full range of SKSF programs and services.

Foster families under the supervision of SKSF, experience an exceptional amount of support and involvement from the staff to ensure the highest level of care possible.

SKSF maintains the highest standards and requirements for foster family provider applicants in the industry, utilizing best-practice protocols, stringent requirements and ongoing evaluations that make the program one of the most demanding and successful in the entire region. CPA Program staff thoroughly scrutinize backgrounds, experience and suitability of each potential foster family seeking to join the SKSF program.

The SKSF foster families are consistently considered among the very top of the industry and the staff’s due diligence in acceptance of new families has earned the program a reputation as one of the premier child placement services in the area.

In 2014, the SKSF Child Placement Agency’s displacement rate was 8.5%, nearly half the national median according to the National Resource Center for Foster Care and Permanency Planning. Displacement rate is the standard industry measurement of children having to move outside of the agency to another setting and all agencies strive for a low number such as the SKSF program.

Foster to Adopt

Many of our foster families also desire to grow their family through adoption. Our foster-to-adopt services offer you the possibility to adopt foster children who reside in your home. Because SKSF is both a licensed foster care provider and a licensed adoption agency, we are uniquely suited to help you adopt your foster child if adoption becomes part of the child’s plan.

Foster Care Support Services

Respite care is temporary relief care and supervision of your loved one in your home or in the home of a respite care provider. Respite can range from a few hours, on a one time basis, overnight or longer. There is a matching process that may include a staff person and/or a provider, this is to ensure that respite is a good experience for you and for your loved one. If you are interested in respite care services contact Sandra Dunlap at (719) 447-8983 ext. 15


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