Sam’s Story

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Testimonial- Sam A. pic

Our 13-year old son, Sam, has a progressive neurological disease called Sanfilippo Syndrome. He is at the point where he requires around-the-clock care and attention, so it can be very physically and mentally draining on us at times, as his primary caregivers. Zach’s Place has been a wonderful source of respite for us. The staff there is just amazing in what they provide! Everyone is so caring and warm, as well as attentive to Sam’s individual needs. Aside from being a huge help to us, Sam’s life is enriched by participating in activities, going on field trips, and just being surrounded by so many wonderful people who truly care about him. Respite allows us also to spend some quality time with our 6-year old twins that would otherwise just not happen. Zach’s Place has been such a blessing to our family!!

Kathy & Dean , Parents of Sam