Becca’s Story

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My daughter RebTestimonial- Beccaecca is 20 yrs old now. She is nonverbal, she has severe seizures and needs total care 24/7.

On the other hand Rebecca is the sweetest thing you will meet most days. She still likes to cuddle and most of the time has a happy demeanor, and she brings joy and life to anyone she is around. She has taught us to cherish each other and life and to take nothing for granted. EVER.

Having Becca has impacted my ability to work as a single mom, so for the last 12 years I have had to mostly worked for myself so I could continue to be available for Becca without risking getting fired.  I wouldn’t be able to work outside the house at all if it wasn’t for Zach’s Place and we would have had to live on welfare or government assistance. I would probably lose my sanity and my hope of trying to maintain this road ahead of us if not for Zach’s Place.

Our community is blessed to have Zach’s Place and the Special Kids Special Families. Most don’t have something like this and knowing that there are only two like this in our state (including SKSF), this makes me even more thankful that I have been able to count on Zach’s and the staff there.


Michelle Stahl
One of those special families



Team BECCA @ the Octo8k Special Run fundraising event for Zach’s Place